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      Boxing Focus Mitts

      Coaches, martial arts trainers and martial artists themselves all understand the value of good Boxing focus mitts in the training room, and so does Fight Equipment UK. 

      Boxing focus pads are a tool to be used by coaches and trainers, so their utility is dependent on the skill of the coach using them. This means that the real indicator of a good set of boxing punch mitts is their durability. Our boxing pads and boxing focus mitts are supplied only by the best names in martial arts, such as Adidas, Booster, Fly, Playerz, Pro-box, Rival, Sandee, Tuf-Wear and more, so you can be assured that they will last and last.

      Boxing training and training for all striking martial arts takes many forms, and we supply different types of equipment to suit different training methods. You can grab some boxing strike pads, hook and jab pads, boxing focus mitts, punch paddles, boxing speed mitts, boxing sticks and many more from Fight Equipment UK and have them delivered to your door anywhere in Europe.