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      Boxing Head Guards

      Any smart boxer will tell you that if you want to stay smart, get a head guard. And just as heads come in all shapes and sizes, so do the Boxing headguards at Fight Equipment UK, where we’ll deliver head guards to anywhere in Europe. 

      All striking martial arts and sports require a head guard for training, so whether you need a Boxing head guard, a kickboxing headguard, a taekwondo headguard, a Muay Thai head guard or an MMA headguard, we’ve got you covered. Different martial arts employ different types of head shots, be they punches, kicks, knees or elbows. And as such, different martial artists have different requirements of their headguards. Some prefer the open face head guard, while some will prefer the closed face headguard, or the bar headguard. The close face head guard is also sometimes known as the face saver head guard, or the cheek protector head guard. The point is that whatever type of sparring head guard or competition head guard you are looking for, we have it at Fight Equipment UK.

      Of course, everyone who trains in striking martial arts needs a head guard, and nothing could be more important than protecting our kids. With that firmly in mind, we stock kids’ head guards as well as adults’ head guards, and included in those are women’s head guards, men’s headguards, boys’ head guards and girls’ head guards. Everyone’s noggin is safe.  

      Many of our headguards are International Boxing Association / AIBA approved head guards for use in competition. What’s more, many of our boxing head guards are available in the traditional competition colours, so you can grab a red head guard, blue headguard or black head guard approved by the AIBA; perfect for boxing clubs and boxing gyms.

      We also stock a range of other colours of head guard from combat sports brand names you’ll recognise. We have Adidas head guards, Fly headguards, Cleto Reyes head guards, Rival head guards, Sandee head guards and Twins head guards for Thai boxers, and World Taekwondo approved Tusah head guards for taekwondo, and many more.