Fairtex - The major name in Muay Thai Clothing & Equipment

Fairtex - The major name in Muay Thai Clothing & Equipment

Fairtex began life as Fairtex Garments Company in the late 1950s under the leadership of a Thai textile entrepreneur and combat sport enthusiast known as Philip Wong. With a background in Muay Thai and a concern for the welfare of young people in his native Thailand, Wong decided to set up a safe and friendly training centre just outside of Bangkok, to teach the sport and promote positive life values among young people. His progressive approach even extended to welcoming young female fighters - a move that is unremarkable these days, but back then was very much ahead of its time. Wong also helped to support the whole families of some of those novice young fighters who came to train under him.

From there it was an obvious, though gradual move, for the Fairtex clothing company to start producing clothes designed specifically for the Muay Thai market. The name Fairtex itself probably originates from the renowned and formidable Muay Thai fighter Jongsanan Fairtex.

Fairtex isn’t necessarily the cheapest brand on the market, but the quality of this professional martial arts clothing range (which includes handmade, breathable, boxing gloves in a wide range of colours, curved Thai pads and shields, guards, bags and handwraps) is what makes it one of the top selling Muay Thai labels on the market, and often the focus of international campaigns.

Personalities like Mr Wong and brands like Fairtex are part of the heritage of modern combat sports. They have helped to bring international recognition to disciplines like Muay Thai and to ensure a healthy future for the sport.

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