BJJ training - is it better with a Gi or no Gi?

BJJ training - is it better with a Gi or no Gi?

It’s true that most competitors in BJJ tournaments train in gi, and you’ll hear a few people say that you’re not a true BJJer if you don’t wear one. So what happens when you try competing without a gi? Does all your training go out of the window if you’ve left your Tatami Gi at home? Do your winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling techniques depend on wearing your favourite Manto Gi? Are the secrets of your success really down to your Venum BJJ Gi?

Here’s our advice. Try both. The class BJJ gi is an excellent aid for professional training in the sport. It gets you practising vital basic holds and grips in the right way. It provides friction and resistance that increase your strength and fluidity. Train with a gi, and you’ll be building excellent foundations. All those skills will translate well into BJJ with no gi. To fight without a gi, you’ll need to learn a few additional holds and moves. But train with and without, and it can only enhance your fighting.

Take Bernardo Faria for example. Four times BJJ world champion, while wearing a gi. But you only need to watch the footage of him competing without one to see that his skill and edge are still just as impressive.

If you’re looking for quality BJJ gear, then we have all the major brands of gi, as well as other BJJ clothing that will protect you when you’re fighting with or without a gi. Take a look at our range of compression wear, and get yourself kitted up with spats, a rashguard and rash vest to protect from skin to skin contact.

Any questions? We’re always here with advice and products to help you get the most out of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, whether you’re you prefer to fight with a gi, or without one.