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      Adidas is one of the oldest, most well-respected manufacturers of sports equipment and clothing on the planet, providing quality gear for elite professional athletes right through to amateur hobbyists, for competition and training in the gym, dojo, or dojang. Nowadays Adidas has a new supplier in Fight Equipment UK, Europe’s premier supplier of combat equipment. Adidas is one of the oldest names in boxing, predating even the ‘Fight of the Century’ when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier both wore the three stripes. At Fight Equipment UK we stock Adidas Boxing’s range of Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) licensed hand wraps and products, and Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) licensed gloves and headguards for during competition, as well as non-licensed, affordable Adidas Boxing gear for sparring. Our range of Adidas Boxing gloves, boots, head guards, hand wraps, mouth guards and clothing will suit everyone, from beginner through to professional, and all ABA and AIBA approved Adidas Boxing products come in red and blue to match their respective corners. Whether you’re a beginner buying your first head guard or a professional looking for a new competition gi, Fight Equipment UK has the Adidas Karate sparring and competition products for you. The Adidas range of World Karate Federation approved gear, from red and blue mitts and shin guards to chest protectors and gis, is extremely high quality and durable. We also stock high quality Adidas Karate equipment not licensed by the WKF, and for promotion day at the dojo, we supply Karate belts. Here at Fight Equipment UK we are stockists of a range of Adidas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo gis, also known as kimonos, as well as compression tops and shorts for under the gi, or when you’re training or competing in no gi. We supply Adidas products approved by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and the International Judo Federation (IJF) as well as non-licensed, affordable equipment and clothing for the training room. The Adidas Taekwondo collection features World Taekwondo approved clothing and equipment for all your sparring and competition needs, as well as inexpensive, quality unlicensed gear. The extensive Adidas Taekwondo range includes shin guards, gloves, chest guards, head guards and the traditional Korean martial arts uniform, the dobok, plus a variety of high-quality punch bags. Adidas is also a global heavyweight in footwear. In the weightlifting world they boast top names such as Adidas Powerlift, Adidas PowerPerfect and Adipower. And for the wrestling mat, Adidas Tech Fall, Mat Hog, Wizard and Havoc, to name a few. Adidas produces some of the best weightlifting shoes and wrestling boots on the market, and they are all available from Fight Equipment UK.