Body Protectors


      Body and belly pads, in general, function in two different ways. There are thinner body shields for sparring and points fighting, and thicker body protectors for training body and belly strikes. Here at Fight Equipment UK, we stock a wide variety of body and belly pads from recognizable brands such as Adidas, Fairtex, Playerz and Sandee, available for delivery across Europe.

      Body protectors are absolutely essential for any boxing coach. Our boxing body pads and Muay Thai belly pads come in a variety of different styles, so you can find one to fit your body type. They are built with enough thickness to properly absorb shots without encumbering your movement, and made from hardened materials for extra durability.

      We supply karate body shields and taekwondo body shields approved for sparring and points fighting by the World karate Federation (WKF) and World taekwondo (WT) respectively, plus kids’ body shields, which are mandatory for kids’ interclub sparring and amateur bouts.  

      So if you’re in to boxing, Thai boxing, karate, taekwondo, or any striking sport, and if you’re a coach or a fighter, child or adult, we’ve got your body covered