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      No combat sports athlete can be without the proper protective equipment when they train or compete. From the newest beginner hobbyist to the professional heavyweight champion of the world, everyone’s body needs some protection so they can keep training day after day, week after week, year after year.

      Every martial art comes with the potential for damage, and they all require different forms of protection. At Fight Equipment UK we have the best protective equipment for all martial arts and combat sports.

      We supply shin guards and foot pads for MMA, Muay thai and Kickboxing, hand wraps for boxers, head guards for all, mouth guards for everyone, shoes for wrestlers, groin guards for both men and women, and much more. For our striking coaches we have a wide range of belly and body pads, and if you’re in to MMA, we have it all. 

      We all love to train, and we want to keep training forever. Keep your body from getting injured and reduce your time off the mat with our selection of quality martial arts protective equipment, available for delivery across Europe