Karate Clothing, Suits & Belts


      Karate has proven to be one of the most enduringly popular sports in the modern age. The correct term for a Karate uniform is a Karate gi, also sometimes called a karate kimono, and traditionally, a white karate gi is worn for karate training. 

      Karate is popular with all ages, so at Fight Equipment UK, we supply kids’ karate gis and adults’ karate gis. The sport is also popular all around the world, and this fact has spawned different styles of fighting as well as clothing: we have Japanese karate gis and European karate gis of all sizes, all available for delivery anywhere in Europe.

      Karate gis must be durable to stand up to frequent training, and all of our karate gis are made by well respected manufacturers; Cimac karate gis and Adidas karate gis will not let you down.

      We have WKF approved karate gis which would suit anyone from first class to black belt, as well as cheap karate gis that are more suitable as a beginner karate gi. With 7 oz and 8 oz karate uniforms for adults and kids, you can find a karate suit to fit your needs at Fight Equipment UK.