Kids Kickboxing

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      Kickboxing is a relatively young combat sport that combines the key elements from other striking martial arts from around the world and includes both full contact and points fighting versions. With the introduction of points fighting and sparring, kids can train and benefit from the physical, mental and social aspects of the martial art while remaining safe.

      Fight Equipment UK is Europe’s largest online supplier of martial arts and combat sports equipment, so you will find here all your child needs to learn discipline, self defence and confidence through Kickboxing.

      We stock a wide range of clothing and safety equipment from some of the biggest names in Kickboxing, including Cimac, Sandee, Booster and Adidas. You can pick up children’s kickboxing gloves, shin and forearm guards, head guards and groin guards, for boys and girls of all ages, and have them delivered to your door anywhere in Europe. 

      We also provide focus mitts, heavy bags and target pads, youth kickboxing shorts and pants, and kids’ gum shields, so your child can step onto the mat and into the ring with confidence.