Hand Wraps

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      Hand wraps are essential for anyone involved in a striking martial art. Our range of Boxing hand wraps and gel hand wraps are suitable for wrapping the hands of any martial artist involved in any martial art. Our selection of hand wraps includes adult Boxing hand wraps and kids’ boxing hand wraps, traditional and modern, and at Fight Equipment UK we deliver to anywhere in Europe.

      The more traditional fighter might prefer a boxing hand bandage, whereas a more modern martial artist might opt for gel hand wraps or boxing gel gloves, which are easier to get on and off. And, of course, it often pays to have both; the gel wraps or gel inner gloves for training, when you need a quick change, and traditional boxing hand wraps or stretch hand wraps for competition. We have it all at Fight Equipment UK.

      Our kids hand wraps and adult hand wraps come in a variety of colours; grab some black hand wraps, some blue hand wraps, some red hand wraps, or even some yellow hand wraps or pink hand wraps. The choice is yours.

      We also stock IBA-approved hand wraps and ABA-approved hand wraps, and our suppliers count themselves among the biggest names in boxing and martial arts. We have Adidas hand wraps, Cleto Reyes compression hand wraps, Fly hand wraps, Playerz hand wraps, Fairtex stretch hand wraps, Rival hand wraps, and Twins hand wraps, to name just a few.

      Our selection of gel hand wraps comprises an assortment of different approaches, from the Adidas quick wrap gel hand wraps, boxing gel gloves, and padded gel inner gloves, to the full hand wrapping system that is the Fortress Pro T1 hand wrap. Fortress hand wraps are highly developed gel hand wraps that stabilize the wrist and encourage correct punching technique while remaining quick and easy to get on and off.

      Martial arts are for everyone of all shapes and sizes, and as such, our hand wraps come in different sizes for different people and preferences. We have 2.5-metre hand wraps, 3.5-metre hand wraps, 4.5-metre hand wraps, and 5-metre hand wraps. You can find the perfect hand wraps, stretch hand wraps or gel hand wraps for you, if you’re after kids’ hand wraps, adults’ hand wraps, women’s hand wraps, or men’s hand wraps, FEUK can support you, your wrists and your knuckles.