Kids Protection

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      Nothing in the world is as important as the safety of our children. If your child wants to gain all of the benefits of training a martial art, you want them to do it safely. Simple as that.

      Consistent training in any martial art will teach kids discipline, toughness and confidence. They will make friends and have brilliant fun while learning new skills and getting into incredible shape. The last thing you want is for an injury to derail their training.

      At Fight Equipment UK we stock every conceivable item of kids’ protective equipment for boys and girls of any age, from world renowned brands such as Adidas, Safejawz, Playerez, Probox and more.

      You can pick up the basics for any striking martial art: head guards, mouth guards, groin guards. Shin guards, forearm and elbow guards and body pads for taekwondo, kickboxing or Muay Thai, gum shields and ear defenders for BJJ and wrestling, foot pads for karate and kickboxing… and maybe just grab one of everything for MMA!

      It’s all right here at Fight Equipment UK, available for delivery anywhere in Europe in time for your kid’s next training session.