Kids Karate

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      Karate has become possibly the best known martial arts style in the world following its proliferation out from Japan after World War Two. In fact, the word ‘Karate’ often serves as a stand-in for all martial arts amongst he uninitiated.

      Here at Fight Equipment UK we supply only the best kids’ Karate gis and equipment from some of the top names in the sport, including Adidas and Cimac, to the whole of Europe. 

      Our collection features WKF (World Karate Federation) approved karate gis and belts. Designed to be lightweight and breathable, our youth karate uniforms also incorporate child-friendly design elements such as elasticated waistbands, so your child can enter their dojo with confidence.

      Karate is primarily a striking martial art, so we also stock a wide range of gum shields, head guards and hand, shin and foot pads to fit girls and boys of all ages and sizes, as well as focus mitts, heavy bags and target pads, so your child can train and improve safely.