Kids Muay Thai

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      Muay Thai, sometimes called Thai Boxing, is one of the oldest and most effective martial arts in history, trained by children and adults for many hundreds of years. ‘The art of eight limbs’ teaches discipline and toughness, as kids get incredibly fit while learning self defence and having great fun. 

      Muay Thai is a striking sport and as such, Fight Equipment UK, Europe’s largest retailer of combat sports equipment, supplies all the clothing, gear and safety equipment your child needs to train safely. From respected brands such as Sandee, Twins Special, Fairtex, Wicked1, Booster and Windy, we have a huge selection of kids’ shin guards, groin guards and gloves, plus gum shields and head guards, to fit both boys and girls of all ages. We also supply several styles of durable body pads, kick pads and focus mitts, all available for delivery right across Europe.

      Our kids Muay Thai shorts are cut for comfort, strength and dynamic movement, made from lightweight, durable fabric, and we have a wide range of kids’ hand wraps and ankle supports in a variety of colours and styles. You can also pick up Muay Thai hoodies and t-shirt from our leisurewear pages.