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      Adidas is one of the best-known sports clothing brands in the world, and they have a legit combat sports arm of the company which brings that same quality to the fight game. In particular, Adidas Boxing has become one of the most popular brands in boxing.

      Adidas can fit out a boxer from head to toe, whether they’re in the gym or the ring; those three stripes will carry you right through to the three bells. 

      Adidas Boxing makes a range of high-quality Adidas boxing gloves and Adidas hand wraps to complete the set. They also produce Adidas gel hand wraps for an easier and quicker wrap. Among the Adidas boxing gloves is the Adidas Adispeed boxing glove, made from genuine leather and featuring multi-layer foam shock absorption, this boxing glove is a mid-range boxing glove that will not let you down. Adidas’ premium boxing glove, the Adidas Speed Tilt 350 boxing glove, features the finest quality materials and its innovative construction promotes proper punching alignment.

      Adidas Boxing also has a line of kids’ boxing gloves, including the very popular Adidas Kids Speed 350 boxing gloves which feature an elasticated wrap-around fastening, and their light weight is designed to optimize speed. And the range of Adidas Hybrid boxing gloves, which are available as kids’ boxing gloves and adults’ boxing gloves.

      Adidas also produces a line of International Boxing Association / IBA-approved boxing gloves, IBA-approved boxing vests, IBA-approved boxing shorts, and IBA-approved boxing head guards in the traditional colours of red, blue, and black for competition. 

      They make a wide range of Adidas boxing boots, of which the Adidas Box Hog boxing boots and the Adidas Speedex boxing boots, as well as the multipurpose Adidas Havoc wrestling and boxing shoes, are a step ahead.

      Adidas Boxing also produces a range of groin guards. As well as Adidas boxing groin guards, Adidas makes World Taekwondo / WT-approved groin guards for taekwondo training and competition. They manufacture an Adidas abdominal groin guard and the Adidas abdo box guard, which provide increased protection above the groin, and the smaller Adidas groin guard which does not protect the abdomen, but is more versatile and applicable to other striking sports including karate and MMA.

      And sticking with protection, Adidas Boxing has collaborated with Opro to bring you a series of Adidas mouth guards that provide all the safety and comfort you could want as a boxer or a fighter. The Adidas double gumshield is a clear plastic mouth guard that is ideal as a gum shield to wear over braces. Adidas gum guards come in a selection of colours and will fit securely once boiled in hot water and moulded to your teeth. Adidas and Opro also make a gum shield that does not require moulding, the Adidas Snap Fit Gen 4 mouth guard. 

      In addition to fight clothing, at Fight Equipment UK you can also choose from a range of Adidas Boxing t-shirts, Adidas Boxing jackets and Adidas Boxing hoodies for wearing to the gym, or to represent in the street.