Boxing Shorts


      Boxing Shorts

      If there’s one piece of fight equipment every boxer needs, even more than a pair of Boxing gloves, it’s a pair of Boxing shorts or boxing trunks. You can’t get into the ring without them, and here at Fight Equipment UK we have a great selection from internationally known brands like Adidas and Nike.

      Most of the boxing trunks that we supply are available in the traditional AIBA (International Boxing Association) and ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) colours of red boxing shorts, white boxing trunks, blue boxing shorts and black boxing trunks, making them ideal for boxing gyms and boxing clubs. And these ready-for-competition boxing shorts carry the mark of quality that comes with their brands; Nike boxing shorts, Adidas boxing trunks, Bad Boy boxing shorts, Pro-Box boxing trunks and Tuf-Wear boxing shorts.

      Boxing is for everyone, and at Fight Equipment UK we stock boxing shorts for everyone. As well as men’s boxing shorts, we have women’s boxing shorts and kids’ boxing shorts. That’s girls’ boxing shorts and boys’ boxing shorts. No one will be left without high quality competition boxing shorts at Fight Equipment UK, Europe’s largest online supplier of combat sports equipment and clothing.

      And it’s not just competition boxing shorts; we also stock some cool boxing shorts not meant for official competition, but that allow for a little more style. Pick up some stylish boxing shorts for boxing training, or for the main card on fight night.

      Our kids’ and adults’ boxing shorts are made to be stretchy and durable, with moisture wicking fabric that will keep boxers cool and comfortable in the ring. Just like the boxers that wear them, high quality boxing trunks are built to be durable and lightweight.

      We stock a range of boxing shorts of varying cost, too. You can pick up some quality cheap boxing shorts that will not let you down despite the reasonable price tag, or some more pricey ones that could last you your whole boxing career.