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      Cimac is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers and distributors of martial arts equipment, and they’ve been doing it for almost 50 years! All that time and experience has sharpened Cimac’s knowledge of what martial artists really need in their kit bags, and they produce a broad range of training equipment and clothing for an equally broad range of martial arts. Cimac supplies everything that a coach or a fighter could ever need. Their selection of heavy bags, focus mitts and pads is unrivalled, including freestanding punch bags and ceiling mounted heavy bags, striking shields, and punch balls with and without boxing bars. To protect the fighter in training, they supply foot pads, shin and forearm guards, groin guards, head guards, boxing gloves, punching mitts and much more. They provide wooden, rubber and foam weapons for simulated weapons training, plus traditional judo gis and karate gis, as well as kickboxing trousers and kung fu uniforms and slippers. Cimac does it all for the traditional martial artist, and with five decades’ experience, they do it well.