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      MMA Shorts 

      MMA shorts are the only required item of clothing for an MMA fighter. And if you’re training or fighting, you’d better be wearing a pair.  

      MMA and grappling shorts may look simple, but a lot of design and engineering goes in to making them practical for the most demanding sports ever conceived. MMA fight shorts must be extremely durable but also afford the wearer the maximum range of motion, as hip and leg movement are absolutely essential in both MMA shorts and BJJ shorts.

      There are different styles of MMA shorts available. Most common are the traditional BJJ no gi shorts, which were originally styled on board shorts and leave something to the imagination. Vale tudo shorts, however, leave little to the imagination, but allow for just as much range of motion. So it’s a matter of style, but luckily, Fight Equipment UK has them all, and we’ll deliver them anywhere in Europe.

      That’s right; if you’re after loose fitting grappling shorts or tight fitting vale tudo shorts, we’ve got your backside covered. And it’s not just men’s MMA shorts; we have women’s MMA shorts, too. Plus a wide range of kids’ MMA shorts to match our equally wide range of adults’ MMA shorts.