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      Nike Boxing Boots

      Nike Boxing create some of the best Boxing boots in the world. Among their men’s Boxing shoes are the unmatched Nike HyperKO, and the next generation of boxing boot, the Nike Hyper KO 2. These men’s boxing shoes come in black and navy blue, blue, and red. Hyper KO and HyperKO2 boxing boots are crafted using Nike Flyknit, so it fits like a sock, but with the support and durability of a sports shoe.

      Nike’s other champion boxing boot is the Nike Machomai and its older brother the Nike Machamai 2. These Nike boxing shoes are lightweight and breathable, designed with an athletic and agile boxing stye in mind. The Nike Machomai2 is an upgrade on the Nike Machomai boxing shoe, featuring a slicker design and flexible gum rubber sole. The Nike Machomai 2 boxing boots come in black and silver and blue and white.

      Nike’s motto is ‘Just Do It’, and that includes everyone. Nike Boxing produces women’s boxing boots as well as men’s boxing boots and kids’ boxing boots. You can pick up some women’s Nike Hyper KO 2 boxing boots or some women’s Nike Machomai 2 boxing shoes at Fight Equipment UK, where we deliver to anywhere in Europe.  

      Nike Boxing also makes kids’ Nike HyperKO2 boxing shoes. These kids’ Nike boxing boots are made with Nike Flyknit technology and provide exoskeleton-like support all around the foot, while remaining flexible and breathable. Kids’ Nike Hyper Ko 2 boxing shoes come in black and navy, red, blue, and grey. 

      The Nike Hyper KO 2 features a split sole for additional agility in the boxer’s footwork. The revolutionary Nike Flyknit technique of combining different knit patterns into one boxing shoe adds support and protection to the ankle and provides a secure fit around the whole foot.