Playerz Boxing

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      Playerz Boxing is a modern brand creating boxing products like the Playerz Boxing bar & the Playerz sparring bar to take your Boxing skills to the next level. Creating stylish boxing gloves for sparring and bag work, for seasoned pros and beginners alike. Crafted to the highest level our boxing range includes Playerz Boxing Body protectors, Boxing head Guards, Saprring Gloves, Lace up boxing gloves, Focus mitts, Focus Stick and paddles. Players is a young boxing brand, established in 2020 with the vision to create distinctive, durable products to suit the modern, urban fighter. Playerz boxing gloves are modelled in the classic Mexican glove style, with a slightly longer cuff to provide extra support around the wrist. All gloves are made from high grade cow hide with soft polyester inner lining that wicks away sweat during training and fighting. They are available with both lace-up and hook and loop fastenings and in a range of colours and weights. Playerz produces everything the modern combat athlete could want. Their wide range of focus mitts, paddles and sticks, heavy bags, flex bars, punch bars and reflex balls will help boxers of all ages and experience levels to improve their skills and accuracy. Playerz even design and manufacture customised heavy bags for gyms all around the UK. They also make a selection of groin guards and mouth guards, belly pads for coaching, skipping ropes, leisurewear and more