Rash Guards

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      If you’re training Brazilian jiu-jitsu or grappling of any kind, whether it’s in the gi or no gi, you will need a rash guard. A good BJJ and MMA rash guard reduces the amount of cuts and scrapes that are inevitable in any martial art and helps reduce any transmission of mat-borne infections.

      BJJ rash guards and interchangeable with MMA rash guards; they do the same job and both fall under the umbrella of grappling rash guards. A BJJ rashguard is worn under the gi jacket as part of the BJJ uniform, or as a no-gi rashguard with no gi shorts if you’re training without the gi.

      In MMA there is no gi, so the grappling rashguard becomes an MMA rash guard. Here, too, it will prevent cuts and scrapes, it won’t inhibit the wearing of boxing gloves or MMA gloves and will serve as a barrier for germs and general grossness. 

      Rash guards come in all shapes and sizes and often are decorated in interesting and artistic ways. This allows for more freedom to express yourself with your training attire, with cool designs and bold colours, or just plain and understated. The choice of BJJ rash guard on offer at Fight Equipment UK is broad and we cater to everyone: we have men’s rash guards, women’s rash guards, and kids’ rashguards; long sleeve rash guards, short sleeve rash guards, and even no sleeve rash guards—rash vests!

      Grappling rashguards must be durable enough to deal with the stress put on them by BJJ and MMA training; they mustn’t rip or fray, and the stitching must not come apart. All of our rash guards are made by reputable combat sports manufacturers. Great products like Tatami rash guards, Fuji rash guards, and Progress rash guards are great-looking and won’t let you down on the mats.