Ringside Boxing

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      Ringside is a boxing equipment specialist with a truly massive range of boxing gloves available in bold designs in almost every colour you could imagine. Their boxing gloves are triple-padded for extra shock absorption and finished with premium cowhide leather. The inner lining is made from moisture wicking fabric, and they come in both lace-up and strap fastenings, all complemented by their hand wraps and gel hand wraps. Ringside Boxing also produces protective equipment. Their head guards provide a wide field of vision with a secure, three-point fastening that will prevent the head guard from moving during sparring. These, too, feature a moisture wicking inner lining and are finished with high quality cowhide leather. They also supply a range of heavy bags, boxing balls and punch cushions for improving skills and accuracy, all made from leather or toughened synthetic leather, including the innovative bladderless boxing ball.