Rival Boxing Gloves


      Rival boxing Gloves

      Rival Technical boxing Gear is a Canadian company with decades of experience in making their Rival boxing gloves. Their innovation mindset has spawned three distinctions among their gloves; RPM, Rival punch mitts, RB, Rival bag gloves, and RS, Rival sparring gloves, each with their own unique design details that make them perfectly suited for their individual jobs. Some great examples of these design innovations are the Rival RB1 bag glove; a hyper resistant, long lasting bag glove, the RS11V Evolution sparring glove, which incorporates the V strap dual angle wrist lock 2 system for a more secure fit, and the Rival RS100 sparring glove, Rival’s premium boxing glove, featuring Rival’s angled lace track for added wrist support and True Fist ergonomic design.

      Rival boxing gloves are available as Rival laced boxing gloves, which offer the classic snug fit around the hand, and with ergonomic ‘True Fist’ construction which promotes proper punching alignment, and as Rival hook and loop boxing gloves, which provide all the features of the laced glove, with the added ease of a quick fastening.

      They also produce Rival kids’ boxing gloves, incorporating all of the design advancements made by Rival over their many decades of operation, just in a smaller size. Rival’s ergo strap system, with hook and loop fastenings, make it even easier for boxing kids to get their gloves on and off.

      All Rival boxing gloves feature the famed Rival logo and come in a range of colours to suit your taste. Pick us some black Rival boxing gloves, some red Rival boxing gloves, some blue Rival boxing gloves or some green Rival boxing gloves, all meticulously designed and with a classic boxing look.