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      Tatami Fightwear was established in 2009 with the express intention of producing high quality, affordable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear. Today, that original mission is still central to their ethos, even after the brand has spread all over the globe and become one of the best known in BJJ. Originally founded in Wales, Tatami’s chief supplier is Europe’s largest seller of combat sports products, also based in Great Britain; Fight Equipment UK. Tatami produce some of the best BJJ equipment available today, whether you’re training in the gi or no gi, or both! They supply IBJJF standard equipment for competition and a range of high quality, inexpensive clothing for training. Their gis are widely considered to be among the best in the world. With durable, ventilated pearl weave jackets and light, breathable pants matched with stylish design, their products have stood the test of time: their signature ‘Estilo’ gi was first released in 2010 and is still available today in its seventh iteration. Also available are a full range of jiu jitsu and judo belts. Tatami produce an extensive range of no gi clothing, covering rash guards, spats, grappling shorts and a host of compression tops and leggings. Rash guards are available in IBJJF ranked belt colours and tops, spats and shorts in many eclectic designs by such noteworthy names as Meerkatsu, Skorp from Public Domain, Supervixen, and 47kills, to name a few. And all designs are fully sublimated to ensure they stay looking sharp. Among Fight Equipment UK’s Tatami no gi range is a new selection of ‘green’ rash guards made from the eco-friendly material RPET (recycled PET fabric), a tonne of which is equivalent to 67,000 plastic bottles! So you can choke your friends, not the ocean.