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      Twins Boxing Gloves

      Twins Special Boxing gloves are among the most desirable Boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves in the world. Twins is one of the world’s premier Muay Thai equipment brands, so Twins Muay Thai gloves are bound to be excellent, and they are perfect not just as Twins Thai boxing gloves, but also as Twins boxing gloves, and as Twins MMA training gloves.

      Twins Special Boxing gloves are hand made in Thailand using authentic Thai cowhide leather, though they also produce a range of synthetic leather boxing gloves which are less expensive, but equally solid in their manufacture. Their meticulous construction makes these Twins sparring gloves very durable and perfect for hard training. Twins boxing gloves will not let you down.

      It is well established that Muay Thai and boxing, indeed all martial arts, are fantastic vehicles for children’s development, and so they also produce a line of Twins kids’ boxing gloves, which take all of the high quality design and manufacture of Twins adults’ boxing gloves and pack it into a smaller glove for kids, featuring a hook and loop fastening and synthetic leather.

      Being such a popular and well thought of Muay Thai glove, Twins Special boxing gloves come in a selection of differing models. There are Twins lightweight boxing gloves, Twins Deluxe sparring gloves, Twins long cuff boxing gloves and Twins synthetic boxing gloves. But none are so popular as the Twins BGVL boxing glove, whose classic design and sturdy, handmade production make it the perfect glove for any situation; if you need a Twins bag glove, a Twins sparring glove, or a Twins fighting glove, this is the one. Whatever you need as boxer, kick boxer or Thai boxer, Twins Special boxing gloves have you covered.

      Twins boxing gloves also come in a wide range of interesting and eye catching designs. From Twins skull boxing gloves to Twins Aztec boxing gloves, you can find the pair to fit your personality. For a more understated look, Twins boxing gloves come in plain colours and two tone colours, too. The Twins black boxing gloves are a singular example of why Twins Special are so successful; excellent design, developed over decades of providing Twins Special boxing gloves and Twins Special Muay Thai gloves to the world’s best fighters, with a modest, unassuming aesthetic. No frills, just what works. Perfect for serious fighters, no matter your discipline.