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      Started in 2004 by a man looking to make combat sports apparel more accessible to athletes and the general public, Venum changed the MMA apparel market forever. Venum is renowned for two key aspects of its products: high quality, and immediately recognisable design. Their offering started modestly, with MMA shorts, t-shirts and MMA rash guards, and quickly expanded into a full catalogue of Venum leisurewear including sandals, sweatshirts and caps and hats, as well as Venum backpacks and holdalls. Later, they would establish one of the greatest ever lines of MMA training equipment, including Venum MMA gloves, groin guards, shin guards and Venum headguards. This success led to their diversification into other combat sports, designing and producing equipment for both Muay Thai and boxing. The Venum Pro Boxing range includes Venum adult boxing gloves and kids’ boxing gloves, as well as Venum boxing head guards, gumshields and boxing boots. All amazing gear from the brand that attracted none other than Vasiliy Lomachenko as its star athlete. The Venum Muay Thai range includes everything a kickboxer needs for training and fighting; Venum Muay Thai shorts, Venum shin pads, groin guards, Venum mouth guards and head gear to name a few. More recently, Venum relaunched its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu product line, with high quality Venum BJJ gis and kids jiu jitsu gis, and no gi clothing; Venum rash guards and BJJ shorts. With its immediately recognisable design and its reputation for quality equipment and clothing, Venum’s popularity has grown with the rise of combat sports and MMA into one of the best and biggest combat sports brands on the planet, culminating in 2021 with the announcement that it would become the official outfitting partner of the UFC